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What will be legal for the Commonwealth of Virginia Starting July 1, 2021?

✓ Possession by adults 21+ of up to one ounce in public
✓ Personal cultivation of up to 4 plants per household by adults 21+ at their primary residence
✓ Adult-sharing of up to one ounce in private without remuneration

What will NOT be legal July 1, 2021?

X Public consumption
X Possession or consumption by anyone under 21
X Possession on school grounds or school bus
X Consumption in a motor vehicle while being driven (passenger or driver)
X Open container in a vehicle
X Sharing or offering in public
X Retail sales
X Gifting schemes

Personal cultivation guidelines

  • Tag each plant with owner’s name, driver’s license/state ID number, and for personal use
    Plants must not be visible from a public way without the use of aircraft, binoculars, or other optical
  • Prevent access by those under 21
  • Cultivation is permitted indoors or outdoors, but may be restricted in rental housing 
  • Cultivation is only permitted at the individual's primary residence

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Transportation guidelines

  • Never drive while impaired
  • No driver or passenger may consume or possess an open container of cannabis while a vehicle is being operated
  • Transport cannabis in a completely sealed (preferably locked) container in the trunk of any passenger vehicle, or
    in the area behind the last upright seat of a passenger van, station wagon, hatchback, sport utility
    vehicle or any similar vehicle out of reach of the driver


Adult sharing guidelines

  • Adults 21+ may share up to one ounce of cannabis in private, much like they could share a bottle of wine
  • Cannabis may not be offered to or shared with anyone in public
  • There may not be any exchange of goods or services (no gifting schemes)


Can my business give away or sell seeds or clones?


Can I be fired for testing positive?

Yes. Limited employment protections are only extended to registered medical cannabis patients.

Will I lose my guns?

No. The ability to own a firearm depends upon how an individual answers the background check
question related to marijuana use.