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Grow Gear

Grow Tents

Grow Tents offer many benefits for growing at home. 

Clean and healthy environment

Easy to maintain temperature and humidity

Air Filter to reduce or remove the smell

Get one with a secure zipper so that you can put a lock on it

Organic Soil

You will most certainly require some soil. Not all soils are created equal and therefore you will want to seek out "ORGANIC" soils. This typically means that there are no additives like chemicals (Miracle Grow). Good Soils will have nutrients, but you want Organic.  

In Virginia, The ACE Hardware stores (Pleasant's hardware in the greater Richmond Area) have pallets of the Fox Farms products. Happy Frog and everyone's favorite the Ocean Forest.  They are In Stock!, and only like $8.00 a bag.  

Many report that the Happy Frog soil is to "hot" or nutrient rich for seedling and saplings, so consider starting in a neutral soil if you go with "the frog".   


Mixing nutrients for your plants requires a bit of knowledge and math. So, read the directions twice, then have your spouse read them again for you and let her do it. LOL!  

Always start off slowly by introducing about 1/4 of the suggested starting dose. Wait several hours after the first feeding and look for signs the plant is reacting negatively to the nutrients. Signs would be wilting leaves, yellow leaf tips and or lower leaves turning completely yellow very quickly. If you see this, Flush your pot (giggity) with neutral water and give it try to rotate in a dark cycle if you have not started 24 hour lights yet. If there are no negative signs, try mixing it CLOSER to the suggested dosage and watch for the same signs as before. 

Once your plant has taken to the new feeding mix, stay on schedule and DO NOT over water your plant. If you think it is dry, wait 24 hours. It really helps to keep a grow diary (or use an online one like so that you know exactly when and how much you fed the plant. You should also note the PH levels before and after (top and bottom) along with the temperatures.